Getting started

Before you commit to a set of therapy sessions we aim to ensure we understand your needs and long-term goals. We want to find the therapeutic option that works best for you. Your initial consultation enables you to become acquainted with the idea of therapy and also allows your Psychologist to better understand your circumstances, what approaches will likely be most effective for you, and if other means of support should be introduced.

We understand that the idea of therapy may be daunting, so, we want to help you feel relaxed, assured, and confident that therapy may the right choice for you.

At the beginning of the initial consultation, your Psychologist will talk you through all confidentiality agreements, will discuss the ins-and-outs of telemedicine, and will then ask you to digitally sign the necessary paperwork. Then, discussions will focus on your background, family, employment, and health history. We will likely do a distress measure with you, as well, as this will allow you to track your improvement over time.

Making the most of your sessions

Online video therapy, as with traditional therapy, is most likely to be successful if you commit to the process. By fully engaging with your Psychologist, and by being open and honest with regard to your feelings, concerns and objectives, you will be able to confront issues or worries in an efficient way.

When taking part in online video therapy, it is essential you are in a setting that will allow you to focus wholly on the session. This means placing yourself away from any potential distractions, such as televisions, radios, mobile phones, or other people. We ask that you also turn off all notifications on the device you use to connect and use headphones to optimize understanding and confidentiality. Creating a relaxed environment can significantly enhance the effectiveness of any therapy session.

Organising sessions

We are a sessional-based service so you will have a routine, and be fully aware of when future sessions are. We will work closely with you to arrange a schedule that will be the most beneficial and convenient for you as possible. If you need to rearrange your session you can contact us through our form

Your psychologist will be more than happy to discuss when they can and cannot be reached, and how you should go about making inquiries or rearranging sessions.

Your privacy

We take privacy incredibly seriously. We want your video therapy sessions to be as beneficial as possible, and that means assuring you that every conversation you have with your psychologist, is, and will remain, confidential.

We understand that getting the most out of any therapy means being able to engage fully with your Psychologist, and this can only happen if trust has been established. We will happily discuss any issues or concerns you may have about video therapy, and will do all we can to ensure you are comfortable.

We use a secure telemedicine platform, because it has higher encryption than more common video chat platforms. This significantly increases your online safety and security.

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