Our psychologists are qualified and highly experienced when it comes to understanding client needs, and finding appropriate therapy solutions and methods to suit each individual’s unique circumstance.

Headshot of Psychologist Catriona Brennan who specialises in addiction

Catriona Brennan

BAHons., MBA, MSc., C. Couns. Psychol. PsSI.

Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor

Catriona has 27 years experience working in the field of Psychology. Catriona has spent the past 11 years establishing a busy Counselling Practice in Ireland. To remain at the cutting edge, Catriona has now broadened her interest and involvement by being at the forefront of Counselling Psychology delivery online.

Headshot of Psychologist Dr. Lauren Deimling Johns who specialises in trauma.

Dr. Lauren Deimling Johns

D.Couns.Psy., C. Couns. Psychol. PsSI.

Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Lauren has over 12 years experience working in a variety of clinical settings across Ireland, the United States and Peru. She offers psychological therapy in both English and Spanish, and is particularly interested in utilising video therapy to showcase its viability to increase access to mental healthcare.

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