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After your initial consultation, we might suggest that Emotion Focussed Therapy is the best fit for you. If that is the case, here is some information on EFT

Grasp your emotions with Emotion Focussed Therapy

EFT is a unique, empirically-based approach born out of humanistic, attachment-based and Gestalt therapies. The method is designed to help increase awareness, acceptance, expression, and regulation of emotion.

Emotions exist to trigger biological responses in the system which informs us of what is important and thus act as a guide to what we need or want. Sometimes, our bodies learn to react to situations in a way which might not be necessary and this can cause distress. When learning about emotions is not enough, EFT focuses on helping you tolerate, regulate, reflect on and express your feelings in the safety of the therapy session so that you may transform these biological responses as they arise day-to-day.

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