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Having a blackout is different from when you pass out, and comes with different risks. Passing out means you’re fully unconscious, but blackouts mean that you are fully conscious the entire time, but unable to retain anything that happens. They are often caused by drinking too much alcohol at...

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Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Life can be difficult for everyone. There are many stressors and struggles that we deal with every day. When facing these struggles, it can be tempting to take any fix that offers instant comfort and relief. Unhealthy coping mechanisms would often be the easier option. They might be quicker...

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Strategies for Avoiding Burn Out in a Modern World

Working and managing the stress associated with daily living can be challenging at the best of times, and trying to achieve success can be stressful. Whether you’re a student or a professional on a mission, it is too easy to become consumed in the whirlwind of your work and...

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Resilience -what it is and how to become better at it

What is resilience? There are a few givens in life that no one can escape. We will all be tested by external forces outside our control and by internal challenges that may make us feel vulnerable. Will we find the resilience to move through our situation and thrive? Resilience...

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Season-related changes

Are you feeling low on energy since the changes of the weather?  What is S.A.D.? S.A.D. stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder; which is a recurrent type of major depressive disorder, with a seasonal pattern. It is most common to experience S.A.D. during the fall/winter seasons. People will often experience...

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Highly Sensitive People

What is a ‘highly sensitive person'? Why are some people highly sensitive and others aren’t? How can it influence your life? Read all about it here

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Bed-wetting or Enuresis Commonly called bed-wetting, enuresis can also occur during the day. Enuresis is typically not a concern before the age of 5. When enuresis does occur, it can restrict activity and cause humiliation. Most children outgrow this on their own or with bladder training techniques. Definition Enuresis...

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Domestic Corporal Punishment

History Corporal punishment In the colonial era, the Puritan belief that humankind is innately tainted by the Original Sin of Adam and Eve led adults to see children as contaminated by an evil element that needed to be driven out by force. Puritans believed that all disobedience and academic...

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Restrictive eating, or over-eating, and Emotion Focused Therapy

Restrictive eating or over-eating Sometimes we might feel like what is best for us is monitoring our diet and eating habits. This can help us be the strongest and healthiest version of ourself. Other times limiting our food consumption or digestion can become a version of self-harm. For example...

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The Partnership of Trust and Patience

Sometime we feel a lack of trust in the self, when really, the issue could be about patience. Trust is fuelled by patience. This decision to be patient and trust in the self capacitates follow-through. Follow-through increases the possibilities of success. Let’s start with the definition of trust. Trust...

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