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The interaction of culture, diagnosis and treatment

What does my culture mean about my therapy? Sometimes, we might not realize how our social system directly influences our sense of identity and, subsequently, our own internal dialogue. Ethan Watters wrote a book called Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche. We will reference it throughout...

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Emotion Focussed Therapy EFT

After your initial consultation, we might suggest that Emotion Focussed Therapy is the best fit for you. If that is the case, here is some information on EFT EFT is a unique, empirically-based approach born out of humanistic, attachment-based and Gestalt therapies. The method is designed to help increase...

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Telemedicine in Counselling Psychology

Stigma surrounds the use of telemedicine and modern technology, such as video therapy, to provide psychological therapy treatment. Even practitioners can allow their own preconceptions to influence their beliefs surrounding the effectiveness of therapy online. However, research since the 1980s demonstrates that video, or “distance”, therapy is as effective...

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT

After your initial consultation, we might suggest that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the best fit for you. If that is the case, here is some information on CBT. CBT is a form of therapy which focuses on raising our awareness of current behaviours and thinking patterns, and how these...

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Low Mood or Depression

Depression is an experience which is utterly exhausting and energy draining. Sometimes referred to as “the black dog”, depression can be overwhelming and debilitating. Every person’s particular experience will be unique. However, there are some common themes present for those who experience this incapacitating condition of protracted low mood....

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Anxiety  is usually an unspecified sense of unease. You may be anxious about losing control of yourself or a situation or there may be a sense that something bad is going to occur and you cannot do anything about it. Anxiety effects the entire person, it is psychological, physiological...

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Identity Pride

How can I feel pride in my identity? Due to the historic social and religious taboos in Ireland, individuals who are gay may tend to experience negative self-image or criticism (even today). Because individuals who are homosexual do not feel that they fit with “expectations” and experience unequal power...

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Gender Spectrum

Gender falls on a spectrum. An interesting article on the phenomenology of being gender-non conforming was published recently. This means, this piece of investigative research consolidated themes of the struggle. They report the following:   questioning, being true, social concerns, visibility, support, prejudice, connection, body, care, vulnerable, denial, confusion,...

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