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With our online video therapy service, you can speak to a psychologist no matter where you are in Ireland or the UK.

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We are TOPCLINIC – an Ireland-based company that specialises in providing online psychological therapy and counselling services. You deserve to get support, in a way which suits you. We are pleased to be leading Ireland as the only dedicated online therapy platform provided by Psychologists. The adoption of video consultation allows us to engage with people who may not otherwise have regarded mental health services as an accessible option. With online video therapy, you can speak to a psychologist online who specialises in therapy and healing no matter where you are in Ireland or the United Kingdom.

Why try online therapy?

Takes place in your own home or safe space

For those that live in remote areas, work difficult hours, find travelling challenging, don’t want to be seen entering a clinic, or simply feel more comfortable in their own home, online consultation or video therapy can be exceedingly valuable.

Available by appointment

We are not an emergency service. If you require immediate help, please contact 112 or 999 or the Samaritans listening helpline on 116 123. To schedule an appointment please contact us through our booking form and we will get in touch with you promptly with appointment options.

Effective as face-to-face therapy

While video therapy takes place remotely, research suggests it is as effective as non-distance sessions. Just like consultations which take place in the same room, you will interact directly with a highly trained professional - privately and confidentially. For more information, please see our blog, the Journal

We use a secure platform

We prioritise client safety and security across everything we do. TOP Clinic has been working with developers to define the highest standard in service user confidentiality, internationally. You can speak with a Psychologist using the most advanced encryption services in the field.
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